Japanese game Shogi - Japanese chess

Shogi or Japanese chess is traditional logical and strategy chess-like game from Japan. Even non-chess players find out that Japanese chess is fun and many people who do not like chess, love to play shogi!

Shogi is very famous in its native homeland of Japan, where it has a very rich tradition and history.

The biggest difference from classic chess is that all captured opponent's pieces can be returned back to the game as your own on any empty square. Another difference is that most of the pieces can be upgraded when they reach the promotion zone (the last 3 rows). In Shogi there are almost no tie games.

And if you do not believe us, come and play with us. :)

Japanese game Shogi

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Pravidelné shogi hraní!!

Praha, Brno, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Liberec

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Animefest 2020

Výstaviště Brno, Výstaviště 405/1, Brno

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Je to hezká obměna šachů, líbí se mi.
Jakub, 20 let

Určitě nepředvídatelnost - hra je tak komplikovaná, že se mi to až líbí.
Tomáš, 24 let

Co se mi na hře líbí? Kompletně všechno. Donutí mě přemýšlet a je to sranda na více než půl hodiny.
Freddy, 17 let

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